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Thursday, May 5, 2011

rescue, recreate, reuse!

I decided to go to my local Salvation Army store yesterday. It's truly amazing what you can find there! As soon as I entered, I saw some chairs that made my heart go pitter patter. I looked for a price, hmmm....none. I quickly found someone to check on them for me and was sorely disappointed when I was told they had just been sold. Mind you, the store had just opened! Man, you have to move fast around here. Anyhoo, I quickly got over my heartache and moved on to some other pieces. I noticed a sign in the front of the store that showed they were offering a 30% discount for shoppers over 62 today. Ring, ring, "Ummm...Dad, I need you for two reasons right now, your age and your truck!". I snatched up a really unattractive sofa(not after I'm done with it!) for $80.00, a side table for $17.50, and what is to become my new coffee table for $23.00. Woo Hoo! If you can see through all of the ugly and vision the potential, this place is a goldmine!

If you are just starting out, on a limited budget, or just thrifty and creative, hit up these places! I've put together a collage of a potential family room, all pieces sitting on the floor of my Salvation Army store.

The sofa was on sale for $75.00 and was super comfy. The magazine rack and accessories came to $12.51. The vintage picture, $9.80, the side table was $17.50, $17.00 for the lamp, and that amazing hutch was $160.30. I say use the hutch as as entertainment center for the room. The glass was missing, leaving the cool mesh wire. No shelves on one side, which means you can mount your slim profile T.V. to the back wall of the piece(leaving the doors open to watch it of course). It also has plenty of storage below and display shelves on the other side for chotchkies. So the total for this pretend family room? $292.11! CrAzY.

I have to say it was quite fun putting this imaginary room all together. The above pieces were not the ones I bought, except the side table, it's now mine to do with it what I want! I hope this post gives you a new perspective and inspires you to visualize the potential of  things you would just normally walk right by. There are great pieces out there just begging to be taken home!

Now go...you can do it!


Anne said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Debbie...I just emailed you. I am the So. California Annie Sloan Stockist and would like to talk with you this weekend.
I smiled when I saw your three "r's"....Vicki, the No. California Stockist and myself use, "repaint, restyle and repurpose" . Great creative minds think a like.

Debbie Cooper said... Best Blogger Tips

That's awesome! Creative minds DO think alike for sure! I look forward to chatting with you.

All the best,