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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Desk makeover....

So...if you recall, I previously posted a picture of a lonley diiiiirty desk that was hiding in the warehouse of the building I work out of. Here's a picture to refresh your memory:

Well, I've given her an Oprah style makeover...

Here she is sporting Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence with Old White highlights. We applied clear and dark wax to complete the look. Then we piled on some vintage accessories. Work it girl! You look fabulous.

And since they don't make Botox for furniture, YET. We say embrace those wrinkles and imperfections!

She's so much more confident now, and I must say, even a little sassy! My job here is done.

Giveaway winner!

The winner of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and treasure box Giveaway is...Connie from Nebraska! I just discovered she has a really cute blog called She Dreams Big, check it out!

Congrats Connie!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and an adorable treasure box Giveaway!

You know you want it. 

Annie Sloan Mini-Stockist Debbie Cooper of  'Round the Coop along, with Kim Kostka and Patti Olson of Truly Tattered, are offering up the above twosome! One pot of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color of your choice, along with this an adorable little treasure box(painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint of course!).  

If you have not heard of this spectacular paint(WHAT?!! Say it isn't so!), you can click here for more deets. Bottom line is, it's the BEST paint for painting furniture. No more sanding, no more priming, no more removing old wax or varnish, just start painting! It sticks to wood, metal, plastic, stone, bricks, concrete, glass, tile, and walls(did I forget anything?).

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment here letting me know what color you would choose and what you would paint if you win. Then you must also go over to Truly Tattered and do the same. You can increase your chances by also becoming a follower on both sites!

This Giveaway wull end June 27th at 5:00 p.m. PST.  A winner will be chosen and announced on Tuesday morning. Good luck to all! 


Vintage Retreat...

Bring your friends out to Camano Island on June 25th for the Summer Retreat Vintage Market with 20+ vendors! Anne Skougard from House of Anne along with Kellyanne and Kim from The Bella Bungalow will be demo'ing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! Don't miss it if you're in the area!

Friday, June 17, 2011

"The Shed", Part two...

If you read my previous post about "The Shed" that had been so innocently sitting there full of treasures in the parking lot of my building, you know how I excited I was to keep digging further! Earlier this week I dove into it again. Whoa, you should have seen it! Nothing was stopping me, not the dress I was wearing that day nor high heeled boots I had on that had me precariously maneuvering my my footing!

After I pulled out some more goodies, I sat there in the parking lot, taking all in. My dirty hands, my now dirty dress, and my filthy once shiny boots, all there with me sitting Indian style on the asphalt.

So let's go....

Antique sleigh bells. The sound is unbelievable!

More old bells. All of these bells belonged to my Aunt "Sis". She had been blind since birth and loved the sounds of bells. She collected them over her lifetime. She was also an amazing pianist and organist!

Cowbells. LOVE the "Come and Get it" one!

Owl bells and a super cool Owl hook.

Vintage earrings, scarf, pocket watch and tie pins. Not sure who the pocket watch would have belonged to!

I'm into anything old and metal!

Vintage office supplies.

Vintage paper.

Love this old case that holds slides, of which there are TONS of.

Old projector that was still in the original packaging with the tag attached. I don't think it was ever used!

 I thought I might find something unbelievable inside of this, it was a bust...nothing. But the trunk by itself is amazing! No?

I'm thinking there might even be a Part III for "The Shed". Not too sure, but I'm gonna keep digging!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Store window...

Yeah! The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint window display is up at Truly Tattered! What a lot of work that process is. I had no idea. Kim and Patti, the owners of this store, do this almost monthly, WOW!

Here is what it looks like...

How super adorable is it?!

I went back on my way home after dinner to take a picture at night(ya know, just to make sure it's still super adorable)...

Confirmed. It may be even MORE super adorable at night!

And because we can't get over how super adorable it is, here's a close up...

Now, if you haven't been to this store, WHAT?! Say it isn't so. You must visit. It is so dang cute. Here's a picture of the inside...

Super ador...well, ya know.

Please come check out the new display for yourself and say "Hi" to Kim and Patti for me! Meanwhile, we are planning two Girl's Night Out painting parties. One coming up this Thursday June 16th and again July 8th. Then on Saturday July 9th we are having a special Advanced Techniques Workshop. These classes will be taught along with Anne Skougard of House of Anne(she's a master!). You don't want to miss out! Go to http://www.roundthecoop.com/ to sign up.

Before posting this, I had just come in from going through "The Shed" again(previous post). Ooooo, even more goodies! I'll post Part II in a few days!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Right under my nose...

I decided to take a look around the building I work in. I knew there was some interesting things laying around I that could convert into something! There are pallets everywhere(love pallet wood!), and then I stumbled across this one:

I had never seen one like this before! Perfect size for a coffee table! Don't think I'm not gonna slap some paint on it and add some legs or casters. I'm so all over this.

Next, I was pointed to a desk that has been sitting there oh so lonely, collecting dust in the corner of the warehouse.

Consider it already painted.

Then I made my way to the side of the building to a storage shed. Sure, it looks innocent enough. Just wait until you see what's inside...

I didn't even make it two feet inside and I was salivating. It's going to take me days to go through this shed! I guess I should tell you that the building I work in is owned by my family, I wasn't breaking and entering.

Here's what I found first...

How cool are these?! I don't know what stereo cameras are, but I'm gonna find out!

A collection of old bells. LOVE the desk ones!

Film and film reels, along with some old newspapers.

Ooh La La. The 1948 US Olympic Water Polo Team. My Uncle is on the bottom left.

My beautiful Aunt, which most of these things belonged to.

I plan to dig further into the shed soon. I'm dying to see what's still in there! I'll have a part two to this post.

Oh, did I mention I still have THIS to go through?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I may need to start a support group...

Man, look at the date of my last blog entry! May 23rd?! I admit, I've been MIA. My house is still a wreck, I'm behind on e-mails, I'm not keeping up on Facebook, and I've lost touch with the outside world. I'm sure my kids think I've lost my mind. The reason? I have an obsession. I admit it, I'm obsessed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I know what you're saying, "Debbie, are you serious?". My answer would be yes, I'm afraid I can't help myself. I paint everything in sight. I stay up until 2:00 a.m. painting every surface imaginable. I don't take showers as often as I like(should I be revealing that? too late) and my awesome Mom brings me food when I forget to stop and eat. Not to mention the wash she ended up doing! I see no end in site.

I love this product so much, I decided to sell it. Well, I wouldn't really call it selling. When I talk to people about this product, I think of it as sharing, sharing how great this product is. I can't say enough good things about this paint. No prep, no sanding or priming...just start painting! I don't even use a dropcloth anymore because it hardly drips! No smelly fumes and it dries in no time. I've painted wood, plastic, tile, all different types of metal, and even laminate, all with amazing results. When I told Anne Skougard of House of Anne that this paint changed my life, it made her chuckle. I mean, really...paint? But yes, I am completely serious when I tell you, it does. If you paint furniture for a living(or even for a hobby), it most certainly will!

Kim Kostka of Truly Tattered and I went to Anne's workshop room in Canyon Lake last week to play with the paint(thanks Anne!). As we were painting, Kim looked me straight in the eyes with a dead serious look on her face and proclaimed "This paint is magic". I replied "I know! It's crazy!". Kim may also have to join my support group as she can't stop painting either.

Here I am painting a wine rack in "The Room". I used Chateau Grey with clear and dark wax.

Here it is finished. I realized that the spots that hold the wine bottles also hold the wax brushes perfectly! Sorry there's not a picture of how cute it looks with the brushes, I'm sold out! I'm getting more this week.

On top of all of this painting, there are lots of things in the works! Kim and I are planning the new window display for Truly Tattered, there are workshops planned for the 17th and 25th of June, I will have a booth at the Mermaid's Mercantile event in Solona Beach on the 26th, and "A One Day Affair" in Old Town Tustin on August 13th with Anne and Kim.

Props for the store window.

And...more props.

Here's the display inside the store. Love it!
When the window scape is done, I'll post a picture. It's going to be mAAAAHHHHvelous.

I also decided to paint some things to have on display when I do booths at shows and such. I found the below old children's chair and brass rocking horse at Goodwill.

Here's what they look like now....

Super adorbs(yes, you can even paint brass!). I custom made the pink by mixing a small amount of Emperor's Silk with Old White, then finished it of with clear and dark wax and a little distressing. The horse is Old White with clear and dark wax, also distressed.

My next project is this...

What do you get when you mix an old chair, some fabulous fabric, and Paris Grey Chalk Paint? Stayed tuned and find out!