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Friday, August 31, 2012

Chalk Paint™ Sale!

Yep. It doesn't happen that often, so take advantage of the "I survived the International Street Fair" sale at Country Roads on Monday, September 3rd!

I know it's when everyone else is having their "Labor Day" sales, but if you have ever experienced the Old Towne Orange annual International Street Fair, you would understand why they are celebrating the surviving of it.

The city closes the down streets leading to the main plaza, and booths are set up honoring food from different regions of the world. There is also live music, entertainment, and well...beer, and lots of it! I wish I had a picture of the parking lot I walked through last year that is behind Country Roads. I have never seen so much beer in my life! Pallets and pallets of it. Mix all of that up with crowds and heat, and you get some interesting characters and situations! I used to enjoy this type of melee in my youth, but now... not so much.

I'm sure the staff at Country Roads will have their patience tested with all of the drunkenness and people begging to use their bathroom(that will most likely disappear and be camouflaged by some lovely vignette until Monday!). But hey, there will be TONS of foot traffic, which no one can complain about!

I will most likely be hanging out in the store Monday afternoon. So if you come in, look for me! I'll be the one splattered in paint.