"I just want to create beautiful things, even if nobody cares" -Anonymous

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paint melamine without priming and sanding? Of course!

So I saw this untapped beauty hiding and sulking in the corner of a consignment shop, lacking confidence and begging for a makeover. She was your typical white and yellow melamine piece that is found at thrift stores and garage sales everywhere. These girls have great lines! Often very feminine and have a look to them that only French women possess.

Her veneer is slightly shiny and slick. Now, normally you would have to sand her down and prime her before painting. But we're talking Annie Sloan Chalk Paint here! No sanding, no priming, really...no kidding. I painted right onto her using two coats of Paris Grey, with one coat of Cream applied to the decorative details. I sealed her with a coat of clear wax, followed with some dark wax and a little distressing. She was then ready to meet the world with the new "je ne sais quoi" she had acquired!

Here she is now in all her gorgeousness...

She's still feeling a little bit shy, so you only get a leg shot. You can meet Melanie(yes, they do have names!) and see her entire figure in person at Country Roads in Old Town Orange, California. Oh, and tell her "bonjour" for me!

Now go create something beautiful.