"I just want to create beautiful things, even if nobody cares" -Anonymous

Thursday, March 8, 2012

She's heeeeeeere....

Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan has landed! Tickets are still available for the San Francisco workshop, so get registered! Go to http://www.anniesloanunfolded.com/ to see the details. Not only do you get to hang out with Annie, you get to meet me! HA!! Seriously, this event is going to be amazing!

I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint so much, I decided to dedicate a dresser to it. Here it is currently sitting in my office...

Graphite with clear and dark wax. Decoupaged copies of paint can labels applied to drawers!

I'm off to meet up with fellow Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Stockists in New Orleans to kick off the tour. I'm sure I'll have some great pics to share when I get back!

So while I'm gone, you know what to do....go create something beautiful.