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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Right under my nose...

I decided to take a look around the building I work in. I knew there was some interesting things laying around I that could convert into something! There are pallets everywhere(love pallet wood!), and then I stumbled across this one:

I had never seen one like this before! Perfect size for a coffee table! Don't think I'm not gonna slap some paint on it and add some legs or casters. I'm so all over this.

Next, I was pointed to a desk that has been sitting there oh so lonely, collecting dust in the corner of the warehouse.

Consider it already painted.

Then I made my way to the side of the building to a storage shed. Sure, it looks innocent enough. Just wait until you see what's inside...

I didn't even make it two feet inside and I was salivating. It's going to take me days to go through this shed! I guess I should tell you that the building I work in is owned by my family, I wasn't breaking and entering.

Here's what I found first...

How cool are these?! I don't know what stereo cameras are, but I'm gonna find out!

A collection of old bells. LOVE the desk ones!

Film and film reels, along with some old newspapers.

Ooh La La. The 1948 US Olympic Water Polo Team. My Uncle is on the bottom left.

My beautiful Aunt, which most of these things belonged to.

I plan to dig further into the shed soon. I'm dying to see what's still in there! I'll have a part two to this post.

Oh, did I mention I still have THIS to go through?