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Friday, June 17, 2011

"The Shed", Part two...

If you read my previous post about "The Shed" that had been so innocently sitting there full of treasures in the parking lot of my building, you know how I excited I was to keep digging further! Earlier this week I dove into it again. Whoa, you should have seen it! Nothing was stopping me, not the dress I was wearing that day nor high heeled boots I had on that had me precariously maneuvering my my footing!

After I pulled out some more goodies, I sat there in the parking lot, taking all in. My dirty hands, my now dirty dress, and my filthy once shiny boots, all there with me sitting Indian style on the asphalt.

So let's go....

Antique sleigh bells. The sound is unbelievable!

More old bells. All of these bells belonged to my Aunt "Sis". She had been blind since birth and loved the sounds of bells. She collected them over her lifetime. She was also an amazing pianist and organist!

Cowbells. LOVE the "Come and Get it" one!

Owl bells and a super cool Owl hook.

Vintage earrings, scarf, pocket watch and tie pins. Not sure who the pocket watch would have belonged to!

I'm into anything old and metal!

Vintage office supplies.

Vintage paper.

Love this old case that holds slides, of which there are TONS of.

Old projector that was still in the original packaging with the tag attached. I don't think it was ever used!

 I thought I might find something unbelievable inside of this, it was a bust...nothing. But the trunk by itself is amazing! No?

I'm thinking there might even be a Part III for "The Shed". Not too sure, but I'm gonna keep digging!