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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Floral Easter basket...

As you know from my previous post, I spent quite a bit of time in Old Towne Orange over the weekend. Another place I noticed on my way back to my car was Jen K Floral Design. She had a large banner waving outside of her building advertising floral classes. Sign me up! I have always wanted to experiment with flower arranging, and here was my opportunity. I jotted down the number and called the next day. They have weekly classes on Monday and Tuesday nights starting at 6:30. The cost for each class is $25.00. The arrangements to be created change with every week. 

As I entered, I was greeted by a cheerful petite instructor busily setting up the tables that we would be working on. About twelve of us showed up, a little bit more than they had anticipated. I would definitely call ahead to let them know you are coming so they have enough supplies for everyone!

First we were given a small rectangular basket with some clear cellophane and a piece of green styrofoam. We laid down the cellophane as a liner for the basket, the foam went in next. We each received a large section of wheat grass(which you can buy at Sprouts or health food stores) similar in shape to the basket. We then placed the grass on top of the foam and tucked in the sides to secure it. My grass was a little unruly, but hey, that just adds character, right?

Next we trimmed the cellophane and inserted water tubes into the grass all the way through to the foam(ignore my desperate need for a mani!).

Then we "wired" the Gerber daisies. Now I know how they get flowers to stand up perfectly in any direction! Just take thin floral wire and push it into the head of the daisy and wrap it around the stem before inserting it in the water tube, pure genius.

We placed the daisies inside the tubes and twisted and turned them gently(I fractured a few stems, so they became the shorter elements of my arrangements, not planned!).

The final touches were to add some colorful paper Easter grass, tucking it into the sides of the basket. Finishing it off, we added some wired plastic eggs around the bottom of the arrangement.

How adorable is that?!

Jen K Floral Design is located at 145 N. Lemon St, Orange. The phone number is 714-532-2518. This place would make a great GNO activity. Not to mention it is surrounded by great restaurants to hit up afterwards!